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"The caring attentiveness from Jessica, courtesy by Kourtney, and the immediate relief I consistently receive via treatment, are what I like best about my experiences. I usually fall asleep on the table, which is oh-so-welcome. I leave rejuvenated and relaxed at the same time. It sounds weird, but it's true. I am at peace, my family always notices, which is huge. They sometimes encourage me to make an appointment so they can also look forward to it!"



"I am a current client, and I love everything about Queen Anne Natural Health! My practitioner is amazing, the office is beautiful, cozy, and relaxing. The location is perfect and the flexible scheduling and weekend/evening hours are much appreciated. Jessica is awesome, very knowledgeable, caring, a good listener, and of course great at what she does."



"My massage therapist listens to my needs and makes my aches and pains subside. I felt relief after each treatment and go at least once every two weeks"

"There are several "bests" about this clinic. The convenience-great location, you are on point with time management and when I arrive I know what to expect. I always feel great after a treatment, I feel relaxed and genuinely good inside and out. Last but not least, my issues have been addressed and healed. I wouldn't say I was a non-believer when it came to acupuncture, but I am a strong believer now."



"Queen Anne Natural Health is terrific about working with my schedule. Being able to change or cancel and appointment online is very convenient. Jessica is terrific, she listens and makes adjustments each time if necessary. She treats more than just the pain or symptom most prominent, it feels as if she is trying understand your whole body."



"I was pregnant when I had the massage therapy at Queen Anne Natural Health. Catherine was very sweet and helpful, she went above and beyond. She ordered a special pillow, so I could lie on my back during the massage of my neck and head. I had the massage therapy for four months, it was relaxing and it was very easy to fall asleep."


"The treatments and herbs I've been given have made a huge difference in my health and pain management. I have become an advocate for acupuncture. I am very grateful for the excellent care that I have received. I have no other suggestions, other than to just continue to stay true to your mission!"



"My LMT is awesome. She has been very helpful with my pain issues, and is also a great resource for diet and lifestyle recommendations. I wish the clinic were closer to my home, but it is so worth it for me to drive a little bit out of the way for great care. I do best when I get a weekly massage."


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