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Queen Anne Natural Health (QANH) is a multidisciplinary clinic serving Queen Anne and the greater Seattle area for over two decades. In addition to acupuncture & Chinese medicine, we offer exceptional, naturopathic and massage therapy services. 


Our Philosophy


At Queen Anne Natural Health we we work together with our patients to promote health and well-being by attuning the inherent healing energy unique to each individual. We define health as a dynamic balance between physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual states. We seek to find and treat any underlying cause of imbalance, thereby addressing the energetic root of disease. We view the healing process as an opportunity for self-discovery and growth- a process that requires courage, compassion, and commitment. 

At QANH, we practice Traditional Chinese Medicine integrating several branches of medicinal therapies, including:  

 Massage Therapy

Chinese Medicine 

& Acupuncture


and Nutritional Consult


Our Mission


  • To support your health and healing process through natural, time-tested means.

  • To provide these services to you within a serene, professional environment ensuring your utmost relaxation. 

  • To extend complementary, community-oriented healthcare that is personalized, preventative, educational, and holistic.

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