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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a means of utilizing art materials to allow thoughts and feelings to move as you dialogue with your inner canvas through lines, shapes, and colors giving image to what the experience feels and looks like in your body. The art allows you to capture a moment- a tactile representation of your thoughts, feelings, as well as further connect and reflect upon what is working, not working or perhaps missing in your life. The process of creating also allows for a cathartic experience, expelling built up stress, anger and/or grief.

Two main approaches to art therapy are utilized; art as therapy and art psychotherapy. Art as therapy allows the inherent therapeutic process of creating art to relieve an individual's suffering, where as art psychotherapy uses art to aid in the process of conventional talk therapy.

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Kayla Helenske, LMHC, ATR

Kayla received her Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and a minor in photography from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. After graduation she became a licensed elementary art teacher (and continues to maintain this licensure). She taught art to over 600 students each year and was continuously inspired by them to further her education to become an art therapist and mental health counselor. As an educator she noticed how powerful art was to my students and how it impacted their emotional expression.

Kayla Helenske is a Nationally Registered Art Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington State, and Licensed Art Teacher.  She earned her Master of Arts Degree in Psychology with a specialization in Art Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University Seattle. Upon graduation, she opened a community art studio called, Circle of Art Studios in Seattle where she runs  an art therapy practice and facilitated art classes for kids and adults.

Kayla Helenske specializes in working with children, teenagers, women and families working through a variety of challenges and life transitions.  She has  a passion  for working with women transitioning into motherhood, as well as seasoned mothers seeking support navigating the twists and turns of daily life.  She also specialize in working with kids and teens needing a space to tell their own story and receive guidance in finding their voice and confidence to shine in life. 

Insurance accepted by Kayla Helenske:

Art therapy is utilized with individuals, families and groups and can be explored with a variety of mediums to create paintings, drawings, sculptures, and collages amongst many other types of art.  It is  beneficial in helping individuals facing challenges including:


social skills, emotional and behavioral challenges, stress-reduction, self-awareness, anxiety, self-esteem, adjustment issues, children of divorce or separation, personal growth, pre/postnatal emotional needs, parenting skills; emotion coaching & healthy attachment

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